Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Swimming Lessons - First 2011 Session

Sasha was so excited to show me that she could spin in the water without plugging her nose.
This is a huge step, at least not plugging your nose while in the water, to progress in swimming.
Sasha loves swimming on her back, she is doing much better in this video, at first she would kick herself to the bottom of the pool instead of across the pool.  Unfortunately swimming on her back keeps her wanting to plug her nose.  She LOVES it though!
This is her first time treading water all by herself!  
Way to go Squash!  
We are so happy that you are loving swimming so much, and for how hard you are trying to learn as much as you can.  You are doing a great job!

Braden is doing a great job with his swimming as well, he is finally getting over his fear of putting his face in the water!  (Today at the pool we couldn't keep his face out of the water :))
He was so excited to show us that he could hold his breath for 11 seconds out of the water, and then he made it 7 seconds with his face in. It is so exciting watching him conquer his fear.

I missed the life jacket swim around the pool (on camera that is), he was going so fast I was sure that Trent was pulling him through the water.  I found out after the class that Braden was doing it all himself, and Trent was having a hard time staying out of his way, Braden made it all the way around the pool in 45 seconds.  He is so coordinated that when he decides that he is ready it will come really quickly. Great job Buddy!

We have to thank Trent Porter, her teacher, Sasha and Braden love working with you!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


For Sasha's 5th birthday party she decided that she wanted a "butterfly" party.
I wasn't sure where to start with that one at first, thanks to google I found some great ideas.
We started by painting some butterfly sun catchers. 
The one activity that Sasha had requested was to hatch some "eggs" (we had "hatched" some dinosaur eggs at Braden's party in the fall).  After much thought I decided that we would hatch some caterpillars.  The only ones I could find were some gummy caterpillars, and then stuffed them into some water balloons.  Brit got to blow them up (thanks honey, latex and I aren't great friends).  When the girls had "hatched" all the eggs and discovered the caterpillars we gathered around and read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".  Some of the girls knew the book and were helping with the story.  It was really fun watching them throughout the party.  
 Then it was time for our little "caterpillars" to wrap up in their chrysalis.  We paired up the kids, gave them a roll of toilet paper...
wrap, wrap, wrap... 
and wrap!
Then emerge as beautiful butterflies!
One of the girls started panicking when it was her turn to be wrapped up by her buddy.  When Brit saw this he suggested that they wrap him up instead.  All of the kids (14 of them) jumped right in for the fun, they all LOVED that moment.  When he emerged it turned into a paper fight.  Sasha keeps telling us that the paper fight was her favorite part!  Thanks to his quick thinking there were no tears.  Thankfully we had enough extra rolls to wrap those who wanted to be wrapped up that hadn't been the first time around.

We then took a moment and helped each girl make her own pair of antennas.  Through the rest of the party I think I ended up wearing at least a half dozen of them.  They were really cute on each of the girls (and Braden - I can't forget him, Sasha wanted to make sure that he was there)!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 I started searching for a butterfly cake that I was excited about and wanting to make.  It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  I had it all planned out, then Sasha told me she wanted to have a lemon cake for her party.  I was at a bit of a loss on that one.
Thanks Tiffany for saving me on that one!  I love how it turned out, as did Sasha!
 This was my first ever attempt at fondant, I was a little nervous but I loved how it turned out.  Then Sasha also decided that she wanted cupcakes.  I wasn't sure how to incorporate them into the cake, and then saw a picture on the side of the cake box, thanks Betty Crocker :) The cake was a "surprise" yellow inside (per Sasha's request) along with the lemon flavoring, we decided that some vanilla cupcakes would be a good option for those who wanted something a little more mild.  Chocolate ice cream to top off each girls choice.
We had a little "butterfly juice" a green smoothie, with some "butterfly" mouth tubes (straws).
 Then some great surprises awaited her as she was opening her presents.  Thank you girls for all of these wonderful gifts, she is loving each and everyone of them!

 We went out to dinner at Red Robin for Sasha's birthday dinner.  She loves going there to eat, we love it also  because of their allergy specific menus.  Then for their surprise...
 The Shriners Circus comes to town every year.  The kids were really excited to have their picture taken with this yellow chick. They thought it was really fun to see him during the circus as well.

 This is a "one of a kind act" 
This is a family from Argentena the father was amazing at balencing things on his shoulders, his wife and son took turns climbing various poles to display these strength/balancing acts.  This was impressive to watch the boy driving around in circles while his father was balancing him 20-30 feet in the air.
 The kids were able to ride one of the elephants.  They were having too much fun to watch where Mom was to take a picture.  They LOVED it!

 I don't think she took her fingers out of her ears through the whole show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 We are so happy to have you in our family!
 She was done having her picture taken

Sunday, November 28, 2010

We have been having a great time playing in the snow this year.  Here are some of the shots from our day out  playing on Saturday.  The kids are on the mound that Brit has been piling up from the driveway.  He put stairs up both sides and two slides down the other, they are all covered over again with more snow.  It is just making the kids more excited to get back out there and play!  It's been difficult to convince them that we aren't going out today because it is Sunday, they can't wait until tomorrow.

 Where's Waldo? (actually Miko)
 If you'll notice the car behind him, for perspective of how deep the "mountain" is.  The kids are so excited as we have been driving around at how many "mountains" there are :)
 The construction of our second snowman of the season, this one is over 6 feet tall!

 Like Father like daughter, they both decided that they were too warm to wear their coats to play in the snow. 

 throwing and catching some snowballs :)

and who can forget about a good "swim" in the snow

Monday, September 27, 2010

Here is a quick overview of some of the pictures that I took through the photo class I took this summer.  It was so much fun to participate in the class, I love all that I was able to learn.

Photos Week 1:
ISO - high and low

Photo Week 2:
Creative Aperture

Photo Week 3:
Creative Shutter Speed

Photo Week 4:
Side lighting

Photo Week 5:
Back lighting

Photo Week 6 - Photo Contest: